Tofu noodle stir fry 🍜

Hello there beautiful people, I hope you’re having a great day.

I made this dish a couple of weeks ago, then again last week and again today – needless to say we REALLY like it! I made a couple of adjustments along the way and now it’s just right.

Tofu is relatively new to me, I’ve only been cooking with it for about a year so my repertoire isn’t huge. Although I have shared some of my faves here in the past (linked below), I’m always eager to find new ways to use it.

Cooking with Tofu – 5 recipes

This dish is easy to put together and loaded with protein and tons of veggies. It’s the perfect week-night dish because it comes together in minutes and you can prep many components ahead of time.

1. Marinated tofu – ingredients:

400g Firm tofu

4 tablespoons tamari

1 tablespoon sesame oil

Pinch chili flakes (optional)

First things first; start by marinating the tofu. You can make this in advance – marinate tofu for between 30mins and 24 hours. The longer you leave it, the more flavor the marinade imparts.

Simply cut tofu into small cubes, remove excess liquid using a paper towel and add the above ingredients to a bowl, mix well and set aside.

2. Peanut (or sesame) sauce – ingredients:

1/4 cup Peanut butter (or tahini)

2 tablespoons tamari

2 tablespoons Sesame oil

1 tablespoon honey / maple

3 tablespoons lemon juice

2-3 tablespoons hot water (to loosen sauce)

Simply add all the above ingredients to a small bowl and whisk well until combined. Add more hot water if needed.

Again, you can prepare this in advance and keep in the fridge. If it thickens, add a splash of hot water and mix well before adding to your dish.

3. Stir fry – ingredients:

1 tablespoon sesame oil

500g mushrooms

1 red bell pepper- sliced

1 orange bell pepper

1 green bell pepper

8 large spring onions (reserve green tops as garnish)

Sesame seeds (optional)

You can sub with any veggies you like but these work very well in a stir fry. I would recommend cleaning and chopping your veg if you’d like to prep in advance but cook them right before consuming.

4. Noodles

Just cook according to package instructions 😉

Putting it all together

In a non stick pan over medium to high heat, cook your tofu cubes. No need to add anything as the oil and tamari in the marinade are enough here. Cook for a minute or two on each side until golden brown. Remove from pan and set aside.

To the same pan, add a tablespoon of sesame oil and cook your veggies. I like adding mushrooms first to allow them to release water and brown properly before adding the rest of the ingredients. Now add the rest of your veg and cook to your liking.

Meanwhile, cook noodles.

Finally, add tofu back to pan with veggies and stir in peanut sauce. Once cooked, add noodles and some hot water to loosen sauce if needed.

Too with sesame seeds and green onions (optional) and enjoy 😊

That’s it from me for today – I’ll be back with a new blog post Every Single week 🙂

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