New Launch – HNN GRANOLA Range

Hello hello hello there beautiful people, I hope you’re all doing really well!

As you can probably already tell, I’m super duper mega excited to share today’s New Launch with you all; it’s been a VERY long time in the making and I’m so thrilled that I finally get to share it with you all.

HNN GRANOLA has been highly requested and in the works for quite a while. Granola is absolutely delicious – however, often quite high in sugar. Our version isn’t sugar free however it contains far less sugar (50% less on average) than is found in typical store bought granolas. It also contains NO harmful fats!


1. Cashew-Cranberry White Chocolate Granola


oats, maple, olive oil, brown sugar, cashews, dried cranberries, white chocolate.

2. Hazelnut Dark Chocolate Granola


oats, maple, olive oil, brown sugar, pumpkin seeds, hazelnuts, dark chocolate

3. Coconut-Almond Crunch


oats, maple, olive oil, brown sugar, almonds, sesame seeds, coconut flakes

4. Kiddo Granola

Ingredients: NUT FREE

oats, maple, olive oil, brown sugar, sunflower seeds, dried apricots

All above granola varieties come in packs of 250g and 500g

If you’d like to make a special order using different additions, you can do so by getting in touch with us!

If you’d like to place an order, kindly send a reply here, via email on or on 79593788 and I will share with you some further details.

Our full menu is available for order weekly; we offer FREE DELIVERY all over Malta and Gozo *on all orders over €20*

If you have any questions, or even special request, feel free to contact us; I look forward to hearing from you guys.

Be well

Sarah & the HNN team



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