The realities of a Pandemic-Pregnancy

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As you know, I share a new blog post here every single Saturday – some days it’s a healthy recipe, other days it’s a nutrition information post and sometimes, a lifestyle post. Today, I thought I’d share some insight into my life right now.

I share many bits and pieces of my life online, which of course results in many questions from people who follow my posts. So, today I thought I would share a little bit about my experience with pregnancy during a pandemic.

I found out that I was pregnant in October, I am just a couple of days away from the mid way point – 20 weeks pregnant. I spent half these weeks barely believing it was true and the other half worrying about getting through it safely.

Rocky is v excited to be a big bro

Part of me has been super calm and at peace throughout while another part has been concerned about everything going on in the world and locally with the pandemic we still face currently.

You see what I hadn’t considered before getting pregnant, is that the minute you take a pregnancy test and it turns out positive, is the minute you start worrying about your future child. I went from being super chill about everything to worrying about a lot of things I had never even thought of – like getting sick, especially during my first trimester.

You see during the first trimester of pregnancy, a woman’s immune system is compromised – because the body is undergoing so many changes that the immune system is stretched very thin (for lack of a better expression). While the risk of miscarriage is significant – regardless of the mother’s health or any external factors. So, pandemic or not, needless to say, until the first trimester is up, it’s quite difficult to relax.

16 weeks preggo

Eventually, with each doctor’s appointment, with every week that passed and after the first trimester was up, I started relaxing about it all. There’s very little anyone can do about the present situation except try to stay safe personally. Seeing as cases have been on the rise or quite high for months on end, my husband and I made the decision to not go out much and to not meet many people (except for immediate family) and if we do, we do so outdoors.

A year ago, our lives were so incredibly busy, between works, planning joint projects, meet ups with friends, going to friends’ birthdays, weddings and so much more -we barely ever spent an evening or even a weekend at home.

Although this time away from most friends and being unable to live our lives the way we would like to has been rather difficult and isolating at times, spending more and more time with my husband and with our families, more quiet time at home and being more calm than ever has been a blessing. While doctors’ appointments and solo hospital visits haven’t been ideal, being able to have a rather quiet and calm pregnancy is something that I am so very grateful for.

Family hikes 🙂

Spending more time outdoors has also been really really nice – taking rocky out for hikes and picnics has been a really nice change and it’s been lovely exploring different spots on the island.

If I’m being totally honest, I am equally excited and scared about what’s to come. OK actually far more excited than scared but if I say I have no reservations, insecurities and fears about the next chapter it would be a total lie!

20 weeks down, 20 to go – can’t wait to meet our little guy ❤ – yes we’re having a boy

Literally the ONE time I got dressed up in 20 weeks

That’s it from me for today – I’ll be back with a new blog post Every Single Saturday 🙂

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