Garlic Confit 🧄

Hey beautiful people, I hope you’re all doing well!

Today I’m going to share my new favorite recipe – it just so happens to be the easiest recipe I’ve ever shared – BUT somehow, the result is absolutely divine and the uses are endless.

I LOVE garlic, the flavor is just one of my favorites and I add it to almost all my meals. I love using it sauces, soups, using it raw or roasted and now, I absolutely love garlic confit.

Confit is a French cooking technique whereby food is cooked slowly in fat. This method was originally used as a way to preserve food.

Garlic confit is traditionally made using garlic and olive oil – I told you this recipe is REALLY simple. You could also use fresh herbs, spices or chilli but I wanted it to be clean just to try it out this way for the first time.


2 whole head of garlic – peeled (about 25 cloves)

2 cups olive oil

Herbs / aromatics – optional


Add 2 cups of olive oil to a small pot and gently place peeled garlic. Cook over the lowest heat possible for approximately 20 minutes until tender.

NOTE: I cooked mine on the smallest burner at the lowest heat setting and my garlic still took on some color. Normally garlic should not brown using this cooking method. So make sure you use the lowest possible heat.

Allow to cool completely then add garlic to a jar covered in the oil it was cooked it. Then add the remaining oil to a glass bottle and use for extra flavorful cooking!


You can add garlic confit in pretty much anything you like. The consistency is super soft and smooth and taste is very delicate.

I love using it spread in toast with some salt. Adding it to dips, sauces, salad dressings, vinaigrette, adding to meat dishes and pasta dishes are all great options!

That’s it from me for today – I’ll be back with a new blog post Every Single Saturday 🙂

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  1. Simple is often so rewarding!


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