What is food to you?

Hey beautiful people ♥️ I hope you’re all doing really well!

I’m going to be sharing a different kind of blog post with you today; it’s something that’s been on my mind for a while and something I’d love to hear your thoughts on.

I decided to share this now, because every time I meet someone new and they learn about my background in nutrition, I’m asked for my opinion about a type of diet, or a type of food, or asked what’s the best way to eat and so on.

This happened again very recently and to be totally honest, I don’t mind it one bit. I love discussing nutrition and I really enjoy hearing peoples’ opinions and experiences.

However, the truth it, as I’ve said so many times before is that there is no one size fits all, what works for me will not necessarily work for you and there is no one right way to eat. Sure there are healthier foods, healthy lifestyles and unhealthy ones, but there really is no one right way to eat for health.

More than that though, food is so much more than nutrition. Food is not simply a sum of its parts – micro and macro nutrients (carbs, protein, fat, vitamins and minerals). Food is so much more…

Food brings back memories.

Food is celebration.

Food is community.

Food is tradition.

Food is family.

Food is love.

Food is comfort.

Food is creativity.

Food is joy.

Food is companionship in times of sorrow.

Food is religion.

Food is happiness.

Food is union.

Food is sharing.

Food is an expression of who we are.

Who we are as individuals, who we are as a family, our traditions, our country’s history and traditions, where we come from and so much more. The way we eat says so much about who we are.

I fear that we have started to lose a lot of this. When we pick our plates apart, and break it into bits and pieces of carbs and fats and macros and everything else, we lose a lot of what food actually is.

Yes, I do of course share healthy recipes and I do share the importance of certain nutrients and properties in foods that are beneficial for our health. However, I fell in love with nutrition because of my love for food.

I eventually started to learn that food is not only delicious, but it can also help us stay healthy and even help our bodies heal. This, to me, made food even more amazing, interesting and important. But food is so much more than nutrients and macros and it would serve us well to remember this.

Following a pattern of eating that is healthy overall but with a mindset that allows for pleasure and celebration and sharing and joy is so so important. Finding a balance where we live well rounded, active, healthy lives is crucial, meanwhile enjoying pockets of deliciousness and community and we make sure not to miss out on anything that brings us happiness just because our diets don’t allow for it.

So, the next time you think of missing out on dinner with the family or drinks with friends, simply because your diet or macros don’t allow it, remember that food is so much more than numbers.

With the festive season upon us, a very different, much lonelier festive season for many of us I might add, allow yourself to indulge in some extra joy, forget the numbers and enjoy your (immediate) family and/or close knit group of friends together with all the carbs, fats and yumminess that comes along with them!

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Until my next post, be well xXx


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