Healthy chicken fajita ‘pie’

Hey hey lovely people, I hope you’re all doing really well!

I shared a picture of this dish on IG of this dinner and many were eager for the recipe, so here is it 🙂

This is one of hubz’ fave dinners – I hadn’t made it in a while and when he requested it for dinner this week, I made it and remembered how much we love it, how easy it is to make and that with a few simple swaps it can be really healthy!

I realise that this may not be the traditional way to make fajitas but the result is so yum, I thought I’d share regardless. I make mine into a sort of ‘pie’ as opposed to your traditional fajitas.

Side Note: I share mostly plant based, vegan and vegetarian recipes here, because that’s what I cook most of the time. I will always preach the importance of PLANT POWER – because it is scientific fact not because I am pushing any agenda. However, I also believe in balance and I do cook and consume animal foods every once in a while. This way of eating is what suits me.

There is not right or wrong way to eat, no good or bad and there should certainly be no judgement around food. So, find what works for you, strive for balance, between health and joy, and let no one judge you for it.


100g sliced chicken breast

1 x (hard) Benna Gbejna – for those of you not from Malta, this is a low calorie white cheese, you can replace with your preferred melting cheese.

2 onions

1 red bell pepper

1 yellow bell pepper

1 orange bell pepper

200g mushrooms

1 large courgette

1 tablespoons olive oil

2 wholegrain wraps (large)

NOTE: traditionally, chicken fajitas contain more chicken and more cheese and less veggies and also do not typically use wholegrain wraps. These are the healthier swaps I mentioned earlier. Feel free to amend to your preference – these swaps increase the fibre, antioxidants and vitamins while reducing the overall calorie intake.


Cook all your veggies in a tablespoon of oil until cooked through and onions darken in a large non-stick pan. This takes about ten minutes. Once done, transfer to a large bowl or plate and cook the chicken strips in the same pan. No need to add any more oil here. Cook until chicken breast is cooked fully – timing will depend on thickness – just check a couple of strips to make sure they’re fully cooked.

In the meantime, drain and rinse whatever beans you’re using and set aside. Also, grate the ‘gbejna’ cheese into a bowl and set aside.

Now, start layering:

Choose a round dish – ideally your wrap fits in the centre with a gap of about a cm or so all around.

First layer: 1/2 of the grated cheese.

Second layer: 1/2 of the canned beans

Third layer: 1/2 the cooked veggies

Fourth: chicken strips

Now, repeat all the layers, in reverse order

Fifth layer: the rest of your veggies

Sixth layer: beans

Seventh layer:Remaining grated cheese

Finally, add your top wrap and press down.

Now simply place in a 200 degree oven for about 20 minutes until cheese is completely melted and top wrap is golden brown – YUM!

OK – I am fully aware that this isn’t a great photo, truth be told, we were so hungry that I forgot to take a photo until it was (almost) too late, hence this cross sloppy section – apologies!

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Until my next post, be well xXx


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