NEW LAUNCH – healthy coconut balls 🥥

Hey beautiful people ♥️

I hope you’re all doing really well 🥰

THANK YOU so so much for the wonderful feedback and support for this new venture. I appreciate every single like, share, order, comment and I’m overwhelmed with the positive feedback!

TWO new products are ready for launch 🚀

I ran a poll over on my IG and FB stories yesterday to ask which you’d like first – something sweet or savory….

Clearly, you guys fancied something sweet, so here it is! (Savory menu item coming next week)

Introducing, my SUPER HEALTHY & delicious coconut balls 🥥 🌴

Made using just a handful of ingredients, these coconut balls and my healthier take on a age old classic (anyone else remember making these at home with mum and nanna?)

These beauties are made using: oats, coconut milk, coconut flakes, desiccated coconut and maple 🍁

These are all freshly made using high quality ingredients and are all:


High fiber

Contain no nasty chemicals or additives

Wheat Free

Nut Free

Super healthy and

Super nutritious

These healthy coconut balls come in boxes of 12 for just €10

My previously launched food items are still available for order also.

Vegan Sauces

NEW LAUNCH 🎉♥️ – Sarah’s Sauce(s) – 3 sauces to choose from (approx 4 portions of each). 1 sauce for €9 or 1 of each for €25

Vegan Burgers

NEW LAUNCH 🎉 – Vegan Burgers – box of four 120g patties for €5

Caramel Nut bars

NEW LAUNCH 🎉 – Clean Caramel Bars – box of six 80g bars for €10

Chocolate Energy Bites

NEW LAUNCH – Chocolate Energy Bites 🍫

If you and your family are interested in joining me on this new journey, kindly send me a reply here, via email on or on 79593788 and I will share with you some further details.

If you have any questions, or even special requests, feel free to contact me 🙂 I look forward to hearing from you guys.

Keep well,

Sarah xXx


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