What’s on your face?

Hello there beautiful people ♥️ I hope you’re all well!

As many of you who follow my social media pages already know (fb and IG both @holisticnutritionninja), I often ask you what you’d like to see from me and if there are any topics or questions you’d like me to cover. Recently, perhaps because I’ve been sharing more lifestyle related content especially on my stories, many people are asking me about natural and sustainable make up and skincare.

I like looking at wellness with a holistic outlook – it’s not just food and fitness. Wellness is about feeling good about yourself and the way you treat your body and it’s also about having a routine that is sustainable and good for you not stressful. I love skincare and make up but to be totally honest, finding products that are not harmful to the skin, the environment and animals, that also perform really well, has been challenging.

I never really had terrible skin. When I was younger I used to get your typical pimples and breakouts but never too bad. However, as I got older, my skin started getting worse…

A couple of years ago, having already made sure that my diet was good and I was drinking enough water, I started realizing that I was getting breakout after breakout. My skin was dotted with clogged pores and I had a lot of texture and breakouts regularly. I had worse skin in my late twenties than I did in my teens which was so incredibly frustrating. As a result, I was wearing make up almost daily, which in turn resulted in more and more pimples (that I would pop and make much worse).

This got me thinking; if it’s not diet, and it’s not lack of water AND my skin has never been that bad before, then maybe it was what I was putting on my face daily.

I never used really heavy make up on a daily basis. Just a tinted moisturizer on my skin, maybe some bronzer on top, eyeliner and mascara. I didn’t really think that this small amount of make up could harm my skin in any way. The make up I was using was your typical name brand products that you would find at any drug store or beauty shop – and I never used to use expired products (make up items often expire quickly – the time you can use them for after opening is on the back). When I used to have REALLY bad breakouts I used to wear more make up than this but typically not too much – more for lack of time than anything else. I only wear heavier make up when I’m going out oftentimes during the weekend – certainly not on a daily basis.

Cleaning my face properly then became an obsession; no matter what time I get home or how tired I am, I ALWAYS always clean my face. To top it off, I was buying really expensive and renowned skin care which still wasn’t helping (I’ll do another post on skincare soon). I didn’t know what else to do, nothing seemed to make any difference!

Eventually, I visited HamesSensi, an organic shop in Fgura, and found that they had organic make up – which initially I thought was kind of silly in a way – I mean do I really need my make up to be organic now too? I was curious so I bought the BB Cream and did some research.

The results were not miraculous initially and my skin didn’t change overnight but using the PuroBio Cosmetics BB Cream instead of my tinted moisturiser and foundations I was using prior started making a difference. I could see a small difference within a week or two and a very visible difference within a month. I started looking into make up more and more and learnt that many of your typical, very popular brands add so many ingredients that can irritate the skin and that can aggravate even the slightest and smallest of skin imperfections – no wonder I was getting so many breakouts!

Did you know that some make up isn’t safe to use when pregnant? This is one of the things that shocked me most to be totally honest – for something that you put on your face to be harmful to your unborn child, can you imagine what it’s doing to your skin?

Out skin is our largest organ and it will absorb at least some of what your put directly on it. I’m not here to scare you or to be over dramatic but now that I am aware of this and that I know that there are safe alternatives that:

work just as well (if not better)

are vegan and cruelty free

are fairly prices (cheaper than most of the products I was using before)

Then why not make the switch?

For me it’s a no brainer! The only thing I’m not too picky about is eye shadow if I’m being totally honest. I don’t use it everyday, I’ve never had skin issues on my eyelids and I like to experiment with different brands and colours. I still make sure they are vegan and cruelty free – I don’t want an animal to suffer just to use a pretty eye shadow! Otherwise, I’ll use safe and organic thank-you-very-much.

So, here are the products I am now using and loving, a couple of looks I’ve come up with and a little bit of info about the brand…

My absolute favourites here are:

BB Cream – I use this almost every time I wear make up; I like the light coverage, it doesn’t irritate my skin in anyway, it’s hydrating, certified vegan and organic and definitely a great find!

Mascara – this is one of the best mascaras I’ve ever used, it lengthens, it never irritates my eyes (I wear contact lenses and have sensitive eyes so this happens sometimes), it doesn’t flake off and I never lose any of my lashes when I’m taking it off!

Liptint – once you put them on they don’t move; even after eating and drinking, 100% natural and organic, made using corn starch which gives it a matt powdery look but IT DOESN’T DRY OUT THE LIPS. I’ve never used a transfer proof matt lipstick that doesn’t dry out my lips – this one is a keeper!

Drop Foundation – medium coverage, contains spf 10, doesn’t irritate my skin, feels very lightweight and also contains moringa which acts as an anti-pollution filter!

Easy 5 minute make up routine before heading off to work 😊 using bb cream, mascara, eyeliner, cheek tint (also a new fave), brow liner and lip tint.

Heavier make up using drip foundation.

This is my going out out look. Not just going out; used both eyeshadows pictured in the photo above and really loved the combo. Lasted all night too 😉

If you would like to learn more about the brand and where to get your hands on these items, you can click on the links below:


That is the link to the only local shop supplying this brand of make up. You can purchase online if you like or in store in Fgura; if you say ‘NINJA’ in store when purchasing you get 10% off THE ENTIRE LINE 🙂 yey!

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Until my next post, be well xXx


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