Five Healthy Breakfast Recipes – sweet edition!

Hey guys – I hope you’re all doing really well ❤️

I’m often asked for breakfast recipes and ideas and more often than not, I share breakfast recipes that contain oats – either overnight oats, porridge, oat bars and so on. I though today I’d share some breakfast ideas / recipes that aren’t oat-focused for those of you who aren’t big oat fans 😊 I’ve also been asked to share some kid friendly recipes that don’t include oats; so here goes…

Before I get into it, if you ARE a fan of oat based breakfasts, I recently shared a post for overnight oats, which you can check out by clicking on the link here:

Breakfast Option 1 – Healthy Pancakes

These are super simple banana pancakes that take just minutes to make – I make them one of two ways.

Method 1: 1 banana, 1 egg, 2 tablespoons spelt flour (or any flour you prefer) – Mash the banana, add the beaten egg and flour, mix really well and then fry in a non stick pan – that’s it!

Method 2: 1 banana, 1 egg, 2 – 3 tablespoons oats – add the ingredients to a blender and whiz for a few seconds until mixture is combined well. Then fry in a non stick pan.

I LOVE adding some nut butter, yogurt and fruit – either in between pancake stacks or on the side – this tends to be a weekend treat for me because I don’t like fussing before leaving for work but the truth is that these take literally just a few minutes to make – in fact, in preparation for this blog post, I made them a couple of times, and they REALLY are worth the tiny little extra effort in the morning!

Breakfast Option 2 – yogurt and fruit plate

This is a super simple breakfast that is loaded with nutrients that keep you full and fueled for a really long time – bonus: it takes just a minute to put together! Unless you’re trying to take a pretty photo for your blog; then it might take a while 😂

Here I used this new (or just new to me) Alpro yogurt with oats – which I’m loving – and some summer fruit; just one peach and one plum and some cashews. This is a great combination, not only is it delicious, it’s very well balanced.

Breakfast Option 3 – Breakfast Parfait

This breakfast parfait is SO SO GOOD! I’m not even exaggerating; seriously, you HAVE TO try this one.

I layered some Greek yogurt, Jordans reduced sugar granola (also a new discovery which I’m loving right now), some more yogurt and topped with stewed berries. The stewed berries take just a couple of minutes to make and even though I’ve made similar parfaits using fresh fruit which were also good, cooking the berries really does make all the difference. I just popped some frozen blackberries into a small pot over low heat with a table spoon of date syrup (honey and maple syrup work well here too) and let them cook for around 5 minutes. Once berries are thawed and warm and the juices are flowing, top your parfait, leave it in the fridge to cool for a while and enjoy – YUM!

Breakfast Option 4 – Stuffed Melon

Now I realise that this isn’t really a recipe but it’s a fun way to get closer to your five a day which is also really yummy. If there’s one thing I really do love about summer, it’s the gorgeous fruit that’s available! Just cut a small melon in half, remove the seeds and add some yogurt, nuts and top with some syrup and fresh mint if you’re feeling fancy – so simple, but really delicious and refreshing; this makes a really good breakfast option.

Breakfast Option 5 – Chia Jam bowl

Whenever I make chia jam, and if you’ve been following me for a while you know that’s quite often, this is always my go-to breakfast. It’s just too good and too easy to go wrong. I just top my oats / cereal or yogurt with strawberry chia jam and almond butter – MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN!! Plus it’s a super filling and very balanced meal – with protein from the yogurt and nut butter, good fats from the nut butter and some carbs from the fruit – this will keep you full for a while. If you’d like to make the 5 minute jam recipe, here’s the link to my blog post:

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Until my next post, be well xXx


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