Easy Peasy Pizza

Hello there beautiful people ❤️

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Is it strange that I love the fact that you guys love food as much as I do? haha

I shared a few snaps of my pizza making endeavours over the weekend on my instagram stories (@holisticnutritionninja) and had an inbox full of requests for the recipe by the end of the night which made me so happy 🙂 – so here it is!


1 kilo wholegrain flour

500ml lukewarm water

1/2 teaspoon sugar

1/2 teaspoon salt

14 grams dried yeast

You can make this dough in a stand mixer but I normally make it in a large bowl and mix everything by hand – it’s a bit messier and more labor intensive but it’s super easy to make (and that’s one less appliance to clean – win!)

Start by adding approx 2/3 of the flour to a large bowl together with sugar, salt and yeast. Mix well and then start adding water slowly while mixing it all together. This will create a super sticky dough. Once all the water has been absorbed and dough is sticky, add the rest of the flour. Incorporate well – I normally tip the bowl over my kitchen work top at this stage and kneed the dough by hand until all the flour is incorporated. If the dough is too tough to work, add some more water – but very little.

Note: The amount of water needed really depends on the type of flour. Wholegrain flour tends to absorb more water so the more wholegrain your flour is, the more water you’ll need.

I kneed the dough by forming it into a ball and then rolling from one side to another making the shape of a large V on the work surface. Once you kneed for a couple of minutes, and the dough is firm but not tough, add a tiny bit of olive oil to a large clean bowl and place your dough in it. Then, allow it to rest in a warm cosy corner for a few hours.

After 3-4 hours, the dough will have increased substantially in size – to about double.

Now, just portion out in thirds of quarters *depending on the size of your baking trays, and roll out. Sprinkle some flour on your work tops and on your rolling pin to flatten and roll out dough. I like a thin crust pizza personally but again that’s a question of personal preference so roll it out to desired thickness. Keep in mind that once you roll it out, it will rise again slightly, so go a bit thinner when rolling the dough out.

Pre-heat your over to 200 degrees and start topping your pizza. I made a super simple veggie pizza which turned out better than I expected it to. Just some tomato sauce (from a jar), some oregano, a few sprigs on baby asparagus, bell pepper strips, spring onions and artichoke segments. Then top it all with some (or a lot of) mozarella and pop it in the oven for approx 30 minutes. I like leaving the pizza on the bottom on the oven to make sure the base is baked well then half way through I transfer the pizza to the top rack to get some browning on the top.

Yes I know that should be a Z not an upside down 2 but I ran out of ‘Z’s 😂

That’s it 🙂 Hope you try this out and enjoy making it (and moreover eating it) as much as I do!

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