30 lessons I’ve learnt by the age of 30….

Hello there beautiful people ❤️ I hope you’re all doing well 😊

Today is my 30th birthday – Part of me is like ‘I’m more mature, more comfortable in my own skin and going to bed early is a treat – yup I’m 30 alright’ and the other part is still thinking ‘I was 18 like 20 minutes ago’.

Regardless, I feel incredibly excited for life right now. I’m grateful for all that I have, all that I’ve been through, every experience, every memory and every scar (literally and figuratively) because every single person, every single experience and every event, good and bad, has brought me to the life I have today. Despite not being even nearly close to perfect and there being countless things I am working on and would like to improve, I genuinely would not change a thing, even if I could.

Life is not about perfection, to me it’s about being grateful for what we already have and finding a way to create our own version of happiness, meanwhile always working to improve and working on what we would like to achieve. It’s a journey not a destination – and so far, it’s been quite a ride; very bumpy, but mostly beautiful. I am Forever grateful!

I just want to say to you all – thank you for being here and being part of my life, even if in the smallest way.

Now enough rambling! Here are some things I’ve learnt so far…

  1. Don’t sell yourself short; I used to lack so much confidence and doubt myself constantly. But what does that help? We all have our own abilities, strengths, gifts and individual magic – let people see it!
  2. Don’t worry about the future, life has a way of leading you where you need to go. It may not be what you thought it would be, but it’s exactly where you should be; which brings me to my next point…
  3. Just because you aren’t where you thought you’d be in life, doesn’t mean it can’t still be amazing. And one more….
  4. Everything is always as it needs to be – this is an affirmation I tell myself almost daily and which I need to remind myself especially when I feel stuck or disappointed or when things don’t go my way. I try to take the lesson, breathe and move on, because if it didn’t happen, it wasn’t meant for me.
  5. Never ever ever ever EVER decide not to do something because of what people may think. I debated studying nutrition because I thought that people would think I was a joke – so what? I love what I do now and I’m passionate about helping others take care of their health and realize that there is no one way to be healthy. What people think is none of my business.
  6. Don’t judge people – you have no idea what it’s like to live someone else’s life. The truth is that we all make snap judgements sometimes, honestly some people and situations make it easy for us to do so, but in truth, we don’t know what people are going through. It’s so easy to just judge someone, but it takes real maturity and growth and strength of character to realize that kindness is always the better option!
  7. Try not to take things personally. Many a time, the way people treat us and the things they say is a reflection of how they themselves feel and what they are going through. The people who hurt us the most are the ones with most pain inside. If they are important to you, speak up, try to be understanding and help if you can. If they’re not, they don’t have a place in your life – just move on.
  8. You are responsible for your own happiness. I spent so much time in my early twenties waiting for something or someone to make me happier. It’s only when I started working on myself and appreciating what and who was already there that I found my happiness. We can bring joy to each other – and if we can, we should – but true happiness, at least in my humble opinion, starts when you start accepting yourself, your life as it is and find so much to be grateful for.
  9. There is never completion. There is always more to learn, more to do and more to work on. Take happiness, you don’t just find it and you’re done. It’s a daily practice and a discipline. Learn to enjoy the process
  10. Life sucks sometimes; that doesn’t mean it will suck forever. Better days are coming. I try to live my life with the belief that the best days of my life are still on their way 🙂
  11. Everyone knows suffering. One way or another, everyone feels pain and suffers in life, be kind. ALWAYS!
  12. Don’t force things. Stop knocking on doors that don’t open, but don’t give up on anything you really want. Go in from the window if you must. Just find a new way to get there.
  13. Travel as much as you can. Nothing opens my mind and my heart more than travelling to new places, experiencing different cultures and making memories all over. If you can, travel, do so!
  14. It’s never too late to start something new. A few years ago I hesitated and debated over and over again whether I should start formally studying nutrition – I realize I’m not what you would call old, however I had spent the vast majority of my formal education studying marketing and business, making the switch to nutrition seemed like it might be a waste of time and I wondered if I could actually bring myself to study again. Today, I’M SO GLAD I did.
  15. Stop expecting people to act the way you want them to. Expectations lead to disappointment.
  16. Just because someone doesn’t love you the way you want them to, doesn’t mean they don’t love you with all they’ve got.
  17. Make time for the people you love no matter how busy life gets. This will benefit both them and you. Working extra hours and running countless errands will not bring you joy. True joy is shared. Make sure you share it with those you care for most.
  18. Love yourself, even when you’re not particularly lovable. When I say love yourself, I mean know your value, know you’re worth making an effort for, allow yourself to be happy, make time for yourself, eat well, move, feel free in who you are…
  19. Never settle. For anything or anyone you don’t want or love with your whole heart
  20. Some things and some people are worth fighting for.
  21. When something bothers you, speak up. Break down your walls and open your heart. Be brave and bold and vulnerable. Live fully.
  22. Move your body – as much as you can and as often as you can. I was never one for exercise, even though nowadays, when I miss a gym session I feel a bit crazy because I miss it. In the past, I hated the idea of beating your body up in the attempt to gain better health. But you don’t have to punish your body if that’s not your thing, you just have to move. Doing a light stretch first thing in the morning is SO HELPFUL for my body, my mind and my attitude. I spent quite some time being unable to move, whether it was my back acting up or I was post surgery and literally couldn’t move without immense pain. I will never take the ability of being able to move my body for granted. You shouldn’t either.
  23. Tell the people you love that you love them. Just because!
  24. Don’t overthink everything. Take a leap of faith and just go with whatever it brings.
  25. Stop expecting the worst; chances are, the worst will not happen and if it does, you’ll deal with it then. Worrying about what could happen will ruin your happiness now and will have no effect on the outcome. This is one I’m still working on – I worry about everyone I love and everything that can go wrong. I’m trying my best not to!
  26. Never compare your life to anyone else’s – we all have our own paths in life and our journey doesn’t have to be even remotely similar to anyone else’s. This is your life, the way you live it is up to you.
  27. Take risk – better to regret something you did than regret never doing what you wanted to do
  28. Never stop learning. Expand your mind with new ideas, new disciplines, new teachings and practices.
  29. Never ever stop working on yourself – I talk a lot about health but health to me is living better and not necessarily longer. We never know how much time we have on this earth, what I do know however is that I want to spend that time feeling as good as I possibly can. Working on myself enriches my life and that’s why I do it. That’s also why I started this blog – just to spread the word and share what I’ve learnt in hopes of helping anyone and everyone who wants to do the work and live a better life!
  30. Let go of what no longer serves you. This is a mantra that I repeat to myself daily. Whatever is holding you back, a past experience, something you said that you regret, past demons or anything else – if it does not serve your soul, your purpose or your being, LET THAT SHIT GO! Deal with it, release it and move on!

Finally, here’s a bonus one…. Listen to other people’s experiences and advice, I firmly believe that we can learn so much from each other. We are both students and teachers in life. However, do keep in mind that no one REALLY knows what they’re doing. None of us have a users manual for life and we’re all just works in progress, so listen and learn but at the end of the day, be true to who you are and follow your heart 😊❤️

Now I’m going to leave you with that because I can smell pancakes 🥞 so I’m off to munch on super yummy food, spend a quiet day with my love and just be for the day. No errands, no to do lists, just quality time, some relaxations, a shit ton of gratitude and so much LOVE ❤️

Thank you all for taking the time to be here and read this!

Please do like, follow and share if you can. All I want to is to help and inspire and spread some food for thought (and actual really good food) with as many people as possible and show that you can be your own version of healthy – body mind and spirit xXx

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  1. Ross says:

    Lots of great lessons here, thanks for sharing!


    1. Thank you 😊 so glad you liked it ❤️

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